"Working with Susan is phenomenal! Her prices are unbeatable and she is extremely flexible; she really does work around your schedule and what works best for you. Susan is passionate and dedicated to helping you live a healthy and fit lifestyle, she is not like many other trainers out there who are just trying to make their living and look at you as just another paycheck. Training others is her calling! Susan is amazing because she gives you strength physically as well as emotionally. When the voice inside you is trying to tell you to quit, she's the boost of confidence you need to push through! She really gets to know you and your body and your personal needs. I cannot imagine not having her in my life! I'd recommend trying just one session of Susan Supersets, and you'll be hooked too!" - Danielle G.

"I chose Susan a while ago to help me get on track. I'm a 42 year old mother of three and had gone through some intense stress in the past 8 months. I already had the cardio and nutrition down but a piece was definitely missing. Cue Susan! She quickly figured out how much I was neglecting strength training. It has been YEARS since I've felt the physical challenges that Susan so perfectly brought back to my workout. She knew exactly which areas to target because a.) she's excellent at what she does and b.) she's a woman so she gets it. She trained me twice a week and never once did we repeat a workout. In my two months with her, I saw increased definition and strength on every limb, my back, my stomach, and my backside. In addition to all of this, Susan has a great energy and is fun to be around, work with, and talk to even during times of physical exertion. She loves what she does, and that is clear to see. Thanks, Susan! I'll be seeing you again!" - Antoinette O

"Susan worked to come up with a plan that fit in with my life. Our first workout was fun and really challenging; I can't wait to see the results moving forward!"

"She is great! She constantly motivates me to push harder. Plus, she is very mindful of any health related issues in regard to your personal ability to workout. She makes me feel good, and I can already tell a difference. Best money I have ever spent on myself." - Corrine E.

"Susan has been wonderful!!! I feel that she pushes me to the right level of workout. Susan understands my goals and is helping to achieve them." - Kathy K.

"I have been working with Susan for several months now. The workouts are different every time so she keeps it interesting and mixes it up so your body keeps guessing. She is very professional and on time every morning, even though we work out at 6AM. She is motivating and getting me back on track not only with my workouts but also with my nutrition. If you have a chance to workout with Susan, I'm sure you will agree with me that she is a great coach!" - Lisa D.